Soliton Apps

Soliton Apps Рa Winnipeg based Computer Engineering firm Рprovides measurable business benefits by providing the right technology solutions for today’s business needs.

Our approach focuses on listening to you and your business needs then finding the right mixture of mobile, web and cloud solutions for you. Our goal is to provide solutions that help your business achieve its intended goals.

Here are some of the areas we have expertise and experience in:

Mobile Apps

Whether iPhone/iPad or Android, there has never been a better time to deliver services or access to your business through a mobile solution. Businesses can reach more of their clients through novel mobile apps or just provide a more convenient alternative to your competitors.

Websites and Content Management Systems

Websites are an essential part of your business today and when properly engineered can provide the extra marketing or cost savings that could help take your business to the next level.

Custom Built Software/Enterprise

We know your business is unique – we may be able to help you with custom built software for your needs. This might mean automating your online marketing or eliminating time intensive tasks or connecting your salesforce with the latest customer needs.

Hardware and Custom electronics development

Today providing the right solution for your customer may mean a mixture of software and custom hardware. Whether a monitoring system for your valuable assets or a system that tracks your inventory – we can help.

Soliton Apps takes pride in providing the right technology solution for your business. We will also help you understand the reasons behind why the solution is right for you and will guarantee our work.

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